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mccaskill she was the first to endorse barack obama. she was his strong right hand, voting with him 98% of the time. what does the record look like? first of all, instead of jobs being created from the stimulus bill, we have had record months of unemployment. deficits, we were promised that would be cut in half. it has tripled. energy, the funding of solyndra, the epa given the power to shut down certain districts. and of course, stopping drilling in the keystone pipeline. gas prices have risen. claire mccaskill voted to pass it. there is a reason for this record of failures. that is because obama and ms. mccaskill have a deep abiding faith that government is the ill their records.prob she is going to washington, d.c. she has brought us red tape and all kinds of bureaucracy and executive orders. she does not understand that these big government solutions choke out freedom. what i would suggest is that you could bring me to washington, d.c. in the senate so that we can take the missouri common sense back to washington, d.c. cut down on the taxes and red tape and build an american dream
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1